Share global navigation between site collections

Managing a global navigation between multiple site collections don’t need to be a painful and tedious task.

With the use of Manage Metadata you can easily build your navigation structure and update it globally to all site collections at once, the steps described below work for SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises.

Open the Term Store Management Tool

To get the global navigation shared between site collections it needs to be first created in the global term store, to reproduce the steps in this article you must be a Term Store Administrator.

To open the Term Store Management tool, do the following:

SharePoint Online

  1. Sign in to Office 365
  2. Go to the SharePoint Admin Center
  3. From the left navigation click on Term Store

SharePoint On-Premises

  1. Open the Central Administration
  2. Click on Application Management
  3. Click on Manage Service Applications
  4. Locate the Manage Metadata Service and click on it

Create the Global Navigation

The steps below are the same for SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server.

  1. Click on the root Taxonomy and the click on New Group
  2. Provide a name to the new group e.g. Global Navigation
  3. Click on the newly created group and then click on New Term Set e.g. Navigation
  4. Click on the Intended Use tab
  5. Unckeck the option Available for Tagging
  6. Check the option Use this Term Set for Site Navigation and save the term set
  7. Click on the Term Set and then click Create Term
  8. Click on the Navigation tab
  9. On the Navigation Node Type select Simple Link or Header

Repeat the steps 7 to 9 to create your navigation structure.

Apply the global Navigation to the site collection

  1. On your site collection go to Site Settings
  2. Clink on Navigation
  3. For the Global Navigation select Managed Navigation
  4. On the Managed Navigation: Term Set click on Create Term Set, this option will create a local term set that will be only
  5. available for this site collection

  6. Click on Term Store Management Tool
  7. Click on the newly created Term Set
  8. Select Pin Term with Children
  9. Expand the global navigation Term Set
  10. Select the Term to add to the navigation

Repeat the steps 7 to 9 to all the navigation items.

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