Me talking about myself

My name is João Ferreira I’m a Web and SharePoint developer and I’m currently living in Oporto, Portugal.

I have a degree and a master in Computer Science and over the last three years I’ve been a Web developer focused in branding to make life easier and prettier for SharePoint users.

Until my first day of work I had no clue about what SharePoint was, over the time I developed a relation of love/hate with the product and I use to say that I love to hate SharePoint.

It break my nerves but it’s also very rewarding when I finish a solution that adds new functionalities to the original product.

Life is not just about SharePoint and I also like Sports, Travelling and Classic Cars.

I was a basketball player for more than 13 years and I recently discover the Running, it’s great to put the sneakers on and run a few miles every night.

I travel as much as I can and usually go abroad I really enjoy to discover new places and new cultures.

If you have any suggestion to this blog or if you just want to say Hi feel free to send me an email.


SharePoint 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

Office 365


Front end development

Responsive design


These are some of the projects that I’ve made publicly available related with web design and SharePoint. I’m also sharing a link to my employer blog where I use write about SharePoint

Office 365 Hidden Options
BindTuning Academy
Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Tiles
Bootstrap 3 Social Share


If you have suggestions to this blog or if you just want to say Hi feel free to email me directly. You can also reach me through my personal twitter or the blog twitter account.

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