Meet the focus mode for modern SharePoint pages

Focus mode is a popular feature in classic SharePoint pages that is not available in modern pages, but this is about to change with the introduction of the modern focus mode.

In the next months you will get a new expand icon in your SharePoint pages that clean the field of vision and get more space for the content in the page.

SharePoint modern pages focus mode

The new option will be available for content creators and readers and will hide the following SharePoint components:

  • Header
  • Site navigation
  • Global navigation

The expanded mode will persist in pages from the same site but on a navigation to another site collection it will be turned off, even if the navigation occurs inside the same hub site.

In the following animation you will be able to see how it behaves and how a collapsed page will look like.

SharePoint modern pages focus mode

As a comparison have also a look to how this feature looks like in classic SharePoint.

SharePoint modern pages focus mode

A major difference between both is the suite bar that in classic is also hidden by the focus mode but in modern remains in the page giving you access to the search while in focus.

Rollout starts in late March for the target release and should be complete by late May.

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