What’s new for SharePoint Lists

July 2020 marks the release of Microsoft Lists, an evolution of the SharePoint lists that are included in SharePoint since forever.

As an evolution of SharePoint lists everything brought by the new Microsoft Lists is being reflected in SharePoint Online, and there are a handful of new features that will make your life so much easier.

The new features listed below are available for all the new lists you create in SharePoint or Microsoft Lists and also for all the existent lists you may have for years on your sites.

  • New quick edit experience
    • Fixed row height – this option allows you to optimize the space and display all your row items with the same height
    • New row selection – allow to select single or multiple items using the keyboard shortcuts and allow you to copy and paste entire rows
    • New grid lines and improved hover experience, and displaying of error messages
    • New add item link at the bottom of the lists
    • Sticky first column that remain in place when your list has horizontal scroll
  • New image column, allows you to upload an image directly from the list without the need to upload it first to a library
  • Renaming the Title column is finally possible

If you want to see all these new features in action have a look in the following video, and if you would like to see more content like thins make sure you hit the subscribe button.

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