What’s new for SharePoint from Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build 2024, the annual developer conference, was full of exciting news and updates for SharePoint. Whether you are a SharePoint developer, administrator, or user, you will find something to enhance your experience and productivity.

SharePoint Build 2024

Creating custom Copilots from SharePoint

Organizations can soon improve employee self-service by letting anyone create a Copilot that uses knowledge from documents and files on SharePoint sites to provide information, context and discoverability.

These Copilots help people find the files they need and answer questions based on the SharePoint site contents. They are easy to create and share, and can be enhanced with Microsoft Copilot Studio.

If you want to test this new feature register to the Early Access Program now, it will be in preview later this year.

SharePoint Build 2024

Learn more about creating custom Copilots from SharePoint here.

SharePoint Embeded is GA

Microsoft SharePoint Embedded, now available, lets developers create file- and document-focused apps that can work with custom copilots to help organizations use their information better. It uses the Microsoft Graph API to offer Microsoft 365 features through enterprise and ISV apps, letting developers focus on their unique value-added features. SharePoint Embedded provides collaboration, compliance and content management for global enterprises, works well with copilot and is used in many industries like legal, finance, IT and more.

Fluid Framework 2.0 will support Microsoft SharePoint Embedded. This will let app developers store their collaboration data in their users’ Microsoft 365 service, using all the features of Microsoft 365 storage. SharePoint Embedded support, along with the existing Microsoft Azure Fluid Relay support, will give developers more options and flexibility to choose the best service combination for their Fluid Framework apps based on their customer’s needs.

SharePoint Build 2024

Learn more about SharePoint Embedded here.

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