OneDrive Card Joins Viva Connections – Everything you need to know

In today’s fast-paced work environment, the ability to quickly access and manage files is crucial. With the introduction of the new OneDrive Card for Viva Connections, efficiency is getting a significant boost. This integration means that the latest, recent, shared, or favorite files are now just a click away, directly within Microsoft Teams, whether you are at your desk or on the go.

Viva Connections OneDrive Card

The OneDrive Files Card is a game-changer for Viva Connections users. Starting in May 2024, this feature will be available worldwide, enhancing the way we interact with our files.

The beauty of the OneDrive Files Card lies in its simplicity, by default the card displays the files bases on the following activities:

  • Recent
  • Shared
  • Favorites

As an administrator, while adding the new OneDrive card to the Dashboard you have the possibility to select what are the activities available and define the target audience who will see the card. If all 3 activities are disabled by the administrator the card will act as a shortcut to open the OneDrive application.

Bonus: The OneDrive Card isn’t just about files. It also provides direct access to Microsoft Lists and Microsoft Stream videos. This means you can jump straight into your task lists or catch up on important team updates without missing a beat.

The rollout of this feature will be automatic, so there’s no action needed on your part to enable it, all you have to do is edit your Viva Connections dashboard and add it to the list of cards visible to the end users.

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