Get ready for the revamped Viva Connections news card

Microsoft Viva Connections has been a handy tool for keeping employees informed about corporate communications, and it’s just getting a much-needed update to make it even better.

The Top News Card, which many of us have relied on is getting updated, with more options, it virtually covers all of the scenarios an organization could face.

News Card in Viva Connections


Solving communication challenges with the new Announcements feature for Viva Connections

In an era where seamless communication is crucial for organizations, I’m thrilled to tell you about the latest addition to Viva Connections – the Announcements feature.

Built on the foundation you’ve already established in SharePoint and Teams, Announcements provides a dynamic solution to some of the most pressing communication issues faced by today’s businesses. Check out the blog post to explore how you can make use of the Announcements feature, ensuring your team stays informed, engaged, and productive.

Viva Connections Announcements


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