How to Personalize Your Viva Connections Dashboard as an End User

Administrators can create different Viva Connections experiences and dashboards and choose the groups that have access to the cards in those dashboards.

Before, as an end user, you could not modify the cards that showed up for you and you had to deal with irrelevant information in your dashboard if the card was not useful for you. The new personalization options on Viva Connections will change that and I’ll show you how.

To personalize your Viva Connections dashboard, do the following:

  1. Open Viva Connections desktop experience using Microsoft Teams
  2. In the Dashboard section click the Customize button
  3. In each ACE Card you will see an icon with an eye, click on them to hide the tile from your Dashboard
  4. You have also the possibility to rearrange your ACE Cards by dragging them to the desired location
  5. Once you finish your customization, click on Save to apply it to both desktop and mobile experiences
  6. If later you change your mind and what to use what the administrator defined for you, simply click the Reset to default button

The customization option is also available from the mobile experience in Microsoft Teams, however that will not be as intuitive as it is in the desktop view as you only see the names of the cards and not the full card as you do in the desktop experience.

This is a great improvement on Viva Connections that allows you to display the relevant information for you where it is most relevant.

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