Get ready for the revamped Viva Connections news card

Microsoft Viva Connections has been a handy tool for keeping employees informed about corporate communications, and it’s just getting a much-needed update to make it even better.

The Top News Card, which many of us have relied on is getting updated, with more options, it virtually covers all of the scenarios an organization could face.

News Card in Viva Connections

Limitations of the Top News Card

The Top News Card, while useful, had its drawbacks. It primarily showcased boosted news, which was good for highlighting important updates. However, it often missed out on regular news from specific sources, which could be valuable.

The New and Improved News Card

Now, with this update, the Top News Card is becoming the News Card. This change promises significant improvements to your Viva Connections experience.

News Source Customization

One of the most awaited improvements is the ability to customize the News Card to display news from specific sources or chosen sites within your organization. This means you can now focus on news that’s relevant to different parts of your organization, ensuring everyone stays informed.

News Card in Viva Connections

Multiple News Cards

The updated News Card allows you to create multiple instances with different settings. You can have one card showing the top news, another displaying HR updates from relevant intranet/SharePoint sites, and yet another for leadership news. This flexibility means you can curate news experiences for various purposes within your organization.

News Card in Viva Connections

What you need to do

If you’re already using the Top News Card, it’ll continue working as usual. No action is needed. However, if you want to create multiple instances of the card with different news sources, this update makes it possible.


With these enhancements, Viva Connections is becoming an even more powerful tool for keeping your organization informed and engaged. Stay tuned for an even better Viva Connections experience!

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