Unlocking precision SharePoint sharing: Share pages and news posts individually

In today’s digital age, collaboration and information sharing are at the heart of every successful organization’s operations. SharePoint has long been a go-to platform for businesses seeking to streamline their content management and collaboration efforts, however, there has always been one lingering challenge: sharing content precisely, without exposing more than necessary.

Until now, sharing SharePoint pages and news posts often meant sharing the entire site, potentially exposing sensitive data and cluttering the recipient’s view with unrelated content. But that’s all changing. In this blog post, I’m thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature that promises to transform how you collaborate within SharePoint: the ability to share SharePoint pages and news posts individually, just like you can with other Microsoft 365 files in a document library.

Share SharePoint pages and news posts individually


Introducing SharePoint new News Templates for stunning Outlook communications

Crafting visually appealing emails that shine on Outlook has long been a challenge. Countless hours spent fine-tuning fonts, adjusting layouts, and grappling with compatibility issues have left many a sender frustrated.

Say hello to a SharePoint game-changing feature – news templates meticulously crafted to conquer the Outlook challenge. Seamlessly merging form and function, these templates promise to revolutionize your email aesthetic, with the already user-friendly SharePoint editor, the process of creating visually appealing emails is now not only achievable but enjoyable.

SharePoint News on Outlook


How to create an RSS reader using SharePoint news

RSS feeds are a great way to keep updated with everything being posted in the sites you are following. SharePoint has a native integration for this feature but the layout is not that good, and it lacks the support for all the modern features the platform has been receiving.

In this article I’ll explain step by step how you can reuse the out of the box SharePoint news web part to create your own RSS reader web part.

RSS reader for SharePoint


How to post a SharePoint news link programmatically

One of the main features of SharePoint these days is the possibility to create News that are easily available to everyone in the tenant.

News can be created directly on SharePoint manually or can be created as news links. News links create a new post on SharePoint pointing to an external resource like a newspaper or your third-party news service.

SharePoint news link


How to disable automatic news digest from SharePoint

SharePoint news digest are around for some time now, the process to trigger an internal newsletter with the SharePoint news until now was purely manual but that is about to change with the introduction of the automatic news digest.

The update to this feature was announced on Microsoft Ignite and starts now to arrive to the tenants worldwide, if you were not expecting it and your users are not yet prepared in this article you will find how to disable it globally in your tenant.

Deactivate SharePoint news digest


Hello Modern Workplace – Introducing HANDS ON Teams

Today I am introducing HANDS ON Teams to the world, a brand-new blog where I’ll write about Microsoft Teams and how it fits – and drives – all things related to the modern workplace.

I will be regularly sharing tips and tricks to make the most of this platform as well as ready-made solutions that will help you extend Teams and create new, engaging experiences for both end users and admins.

If you have been following me and HANDS ON SharePoint, don’t worry – it will not disappear, and I’ll actively maintain both blogs.

With the first post now publicly available, I invite you all to visit HANDS ON Teams.


I am a Microsoft MVP

The dream came true and on February 1, 2019 I received the MVP Award on Office Development category.

I’ve started my professional career 7 years ago, and since the beginning I’ve been sharing my knowledge publicly with the community, by writing technical articles, sharing snippets of code and speaking on SharePoint events.

My journey with SharePoint started on version 2007, and things changed drastically since then. Each new version challenged me to learn more and to understand it better.


What’s new for SharePoint from Microsoft Ignite 2018

Microsoft continues to repeat the same success formula year after year, revealing the most waited features for SharePoint on Microsoft Ignite and this edition was no exception.

Modern SharePoint is getting mature and with all the new features being released during the next month’s it is finally ready to host the intranets of the future.

Below you will find a resume of everything that caught my eye.


Getting Ready for Microsoft Ignite 2018

We are only 3 days way of the biggest Microsoft event dedicated to the Tech Community and if you are attending this article is for you.

With so many things going on it can be overwhelming specially for first time attendees. This will be my 4th Ignite and based on my experience from previous years I’ll share with you a few tips and tricks to make it a smooth ride.


Create internal newsletters using SharePoint News

Communication is the key to build a successful team, and the SharePoint folks responsible for the modern sites know it well, month after month we continue to be presented with new features to enrich the communication and collaboration between teams.

Today I bring you the instructions on how to create an Internal newsletter without effort using only what SharePoint provides by default.

The SharePoint News web part provides an easy way to quickly create eye catching content that you can use to engage your audience and keep everyone in the loop.


I've been working with Microsoft Technologies over the last ten years, mainly focused on creating collaboration and productivity solutions that drive the adoption of Microsoft Modern Workplace.