I am a Microsoft MVP

The dream came true and on February 1, 2019 I received the MVP Award on Office Development category.

I’ve started my professional career 7 years ago, and since the beginning I’ve been sharing my knowledge publicly with the community, by writing technical articles, sharing snippets of code and speaking on SharePoint events.

My journey with SharePoint started on version 2007, and things changed drastically since then. Each new version challenged me to learn more and to understand it better.

Originally, I was only focused on SharePoint branding to improve the look and feel and to create better user experiences but soon realized the potential of the product and stared to extend it by building custom solutions.

This gave me a deeper understanding of SharePoint and inspired me to write technical articles to help others to understand it better as well.

During this journey I’ve seen the growth of this community, for sure one of the best in the Microsoft ecosystem. My passion and effort were gradually recognized by the community and caught the attention of some MVPs who have nominated me to receive this award.

I’m very happy see my effort recognized by Microsoft and fulfilled of energy and ideas to contribute with more content for this fantastic community.

I’ll continue with all the projects I’m involved and will start uploading content more regularly on my YouTube channel. I’m sure you will continue to see me involved with the community activities.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems. MVPs make up a global community of over 4,000 technical experts and community leaders across 90 countries/regions and are driven by their passion, community spirit, and quest for knowledge. Above all and in addition to their amazing technical abilities, MVPs are always willing to help others – that’s what sets them apart.

Thank you all for the support. 😊

6 Responses to “I am a Microsoft MVP”

  1. Mark Vogt

    February 4, 2019

    Greetings Joao,

    Congrats !

    -Mark in North Aurora, IL USA

  2. Damian Lewis

    February 4, 2019

    Congratulations! Well done and enjoy the award!

  3. Jeff Angama

    February 4, 2019

    Well deserver 🙂 thx for your sharing to the community

  4. Shanaka

    February 4, 2019

    Congratulations Joao, well deserved recognition. Keep up the good work…!!!

  5. Veronique Palmer

    April 25, 2019

    Congrats!! It takes a monumental effort, I know. 🙂 May you have many more.


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