2018 Resume – What an incredible year!

2018 was an amazing year for me and for this blog – I met fantastic people throughout the year that supported and motivated me to continue with this project and to do more every day.

Before starting to produce new content in 2019, I would like to share with all of you guys some of my achievements last year.

33 new Blog Posts on HANDS ON SharePoint

I’ve produced 33 blog posts and kept the collaboration with the European SharePoint Conference blog and BindTuning Academy blog.

It was a very busy year with an average of 2.75 posts per month, a number that exceeded all my expectations.

If you are new around here or if you missed some of the articles you can find all of them here.

115 716 views on HANDS ON SharePoint

Blog records were broken month after month during the entire year – the number of visitors has grown 547% when compared with 2017.

  • Best day – 29 November, 2018 – 859 views
  • Best month – November – 16 200 views

5 new GitHub Projects

Some of the articles I produced in 2018 are development tutorials that explain how to use SPFx functionalities or how to extend classic SharePoint.

For each one of these articles I have published the code on GitHub, for anyone to use or modify according to their needs.

Mentioned 5 times on SharePoint dev Weekly

SharePoint Dev Weekly videos summaries on different topics from Microsoft, MVPs, partners and customers. On each video Vesa Juvonen and Waldek Mastykarz talk about SharePoint topics and highlight the best blog posts/projects produced by the community.

In 2018 my work was mentioned 5 times in these videos and was invited as a guest for episode #18.

All the videos are listed below, and if you click play on all of them you will see Vesa and Waldek having a hard time pronouncing my name, this issue was properly addressed on episode #18.

4 Articles published on CompartiMOSS

CompartiMOSS is a digital magazine about SharePoint written mainly in Spanish and it’s published every 3 months. This year I was one of the contributors on this project and got an article published on all 2018 issues.

2 Nominations to the MVP Award

The MVP award was one of my main goals for 2018 and I received 2 nominations from other MVPs. It made me very happy seeing the value of the content I produce recognized by the community.

2018 was not my MVP year but I’ll continue to work for the community as I did until now and eventually will achieve it in the future.

Attended 8 SharePoint events

Thanks to my job at BindTuning and the speaking engagements I got in 2018, I had the privilege to attend the biggest SharePoint events around the world.

  • Microsoft Ignite – Orlando – USA
  • Microsoft Inspire – Las Vegas – USA
  • SharePoint Conference NA – Las Vegas – USA
  • European SharePoint Conference – Copenhagen – Denmark
  • SharePoint Saturday Helsinki – Finland
  • Intranet Reloaded – Boston – USA
  • Tuga IT – Lisbon – Portugal
  • SharePoint Saturday Lisbon – Portugal

It was amazing to meet some of you guys in person, thanks for all the feedback and appreciation.

4 Speaking engagements

In 2018 I got 4 speaking engagements. As speaking in public is something that I really like, I’ll increase this number in 2019.

Other achievements

Let’s rock 2019

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  1. Dennis Korir

    January 9, 2019

    Hi @Joao12Ferreira I am one of the most frequent user to your website, Good job and happy 2019


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