How to Install SharePoint 2019 step by step on Hyper-V | Part 4 of 5

Installing SharePoint On-prem is not a straight forward task and there are a lot of requirements and dependencies involved in the process.

In this article you will find visual instructions to install it on a Hyper-V virtual machine; an installation like this should be used just for testing or development purposes.

This article has 5 different sections that will guide you through the installation process step by step, in order to accomplish it you will need to:

  1. Install and Configure Hyper-V
  2. Install Windows Server 2019
  3. Install Active Directory Domain Services
  4. Install SQL Server 2017
  5. Install SharePoint 2019

Install SQL Server

  1. Load the SQL Server ISO file in the virtual machine
  2. On the VM go to the CD drive and click to start the installation wizard
  3. Once SQL Server Installation Center opens click on Installation
  4. Click on New SQL Server stand-alone installation
  5. On the Product Key enter the product key or select the evaluation edition
  6. Accept the License and terms and click next
  7. If you want to keep your instance update, check the check box for the updates and click next
  8. On the install rules ignore the warnings an click next
  9. On the feature selection choose
    • Database engine services
    • Full-Text and Semantic Extractions
    • Analysis Services

  10. On the instance configuration leave the defaults and click next
  11. On the server configuration select Automatic for the Startup Type of all the services, on the SQL Server Analysis Services provide the account name and the password
  12. On the Database Engine Configuration select mix mode, add the current user and provide the password
  13. On the Analysis Services Configuration Add the current user and click next
  14. On the ready to install click Install
  15. Once the setup is complete click on Close and restart your Windows Server

Proceed to the SharePoint 2019 installation

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