How to Install SharePoint 2019 step by step on Hyper-V | Part 5 of 5

Installing SharePoint On-prem is not a straight forward task and there are a lot of requirements and dependencies involved in the process.

In this article you will find visual instructions to install it on a Hyper-V virtual machine; an installation like this should be used just for testing or development purposes.

This article has 5 different sections that will guide you through the installation process step by step, in order to accomplish it you will need to:

  1. Install and Configure Hyper-V
  2. Install Windows Server 2019
  3. Install Active Directory Domain Services
  4. Install SQL Server 2017
  5. Install SharePoint 2019

Install SharePoint 2019

The installation of SharePoint it self can bring some challenges and I’ve experienced different behaviors doing the same installation process. If during the steps described below you run into any issue it was most likely addressed by Lise Rasmussen on her article about all the issue she found on step 5.

  1. Load the SharePoint 2019 ISO into the virtual machine
  2. Double click on the CD-ROM drive to open the installation wizard
  3. Click on Install software prerequisites
  4. On the preparation toll click next
  5. Accept the terms and click next. If you run into an error where the tool is not able to install everything follow the instructions here to fix it.
  6. Wait a few minutes while the setup configures the environment
  7. Once the process ends click on Finish and restart the server
  8. Back to the installation wizard now click on Install SharePoint Server
  9. Enter your SharePoint 2019 product key
  10. Accept the software License Terms
  11. Choose the location for the files and click Install Now
  12. The installation will take a while to compete
  13. Click on close and the SharePoint Configuration Wizard will open after a system reboot
  14. Click on next
  15. Select Create a new server farm
  16. Setup the Database details
  17. Setup a Passphrase
  18. Select Single-Server Farm role
  19. Specify the port number to the central administration
  20. Confirm all the settings are correct and click Next
  21. The configuration wizard will configure the SharePoint products
  22. Click on Finish
  23. Login into the Central Administration, and click on Start the wizard
  24. Select the Service Applications and Services
  25. Create the root site collection and start using SharePoint

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