What’s new for SharePoint from SPC 2019

For the second year in a row the SharePoint community was together in Las Vegas for the first major conference of the year.

Is typically during May that Microsoft announces the first batch of new features for SharePoint and this article has a resume of everything that will rollout during the next months.

Her you will find the major announcements that caught my eye, the road map for the next months, the keynote video and also the links to all the blog posts published by Microsoft.

Before heading into the new features watch the video that went viral during the conference and is making SharePoint look cool again.

Home Sites

“SharePoint home sites, a dynamic, engaging, and personalized employee experience for your organization.”

SharePoint home sites were announced at the key note as the latest innovation for the intelligent intranet.

Home sites will be the landing page for your intranet that will group together news, events, content, conversations and video to deliver engaging experiences.

A home site is built on top of a communication site, during the initial release there will be just one for the entire tenant but is expected that this number will increase later.

You can read more about home sites on the two blog posts released during the event here and here.

Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search is an intelligent, enterprise search experience from Microsoft that applies the artificial intelligence technology (AI) from Bing and deep personalized insights surfaced by the Microsoft Graph, to make search more effective for you, increasing productivity and saving you time – so whether you’re looking to find people, files, or conversations, complete a task, pick up where you left off, or discover answers or insights, it’s just a click away, across all of your applications, your desktop, and your browser. Microsoft Search is ready when you are, so there’s nothing you need to do to start benefiting from this new search experience – just look for the new search box in the header of the applications you’re using everyday.

Microsoft Search on SharePoint is featured prominently in the header so it’s easy to find, it shows relevant information just by clicking in the new search box. You will notice that the old Search box was removed from the page area.

You can read more about Microsoft Search integrations here.

SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Framework 1.9 will be available soon and it includes enhancements to the Microsoft Graph connected controls.

In addition to new scenarios you can build with SharePoint Framework, new options with SharePoint Framework tools will make creating solutions easier.

With library components, you can develop common modules of code that can be shared across multiple SharePoint Framework projects. In the upcoming 1.9 release of SharePoint Framework, coming soon, library component support will be generally available.

Microsoft is also always working to respond to your feedback, issues, and pain points. SharePoint Framework 1.8.2, released few weeks ago, updates compatibility to support Node.js 10 to help every developer use the latest releases.

More information for the developers is available here.

Road Map

During the Microsoft sessions the road map for the next months was revealed, not just for SharePoint but for the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Susan Hanley did a fantastic job and compiled all the slides in the presentation below. Enjoy.

SharePoint Virtual Summit

The keynote was live streamed as part of the SharePoint virtual Summit and the recording is available here. Watch the video below to see all the announcements for the intelligent workplace.

Microsoft 12 blog posts

Microsoft published 12 blog posts during the event with all the latest and greatest functionalities coming to SharePoint, all the links are available below.

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