How to enable image renditions on SharePoint 2019

When you install SharePoint onprimises the image renditions are not generated automatically, and the renditions pages displays the error message below.

The blob cache is not enabled in this web application. Image renditions will not be generated until the blob cache is enabled. For information on turning on the blob cache, please review the product documentation.

To fix this issue and get the image renditions automatically generated follow the instructions provided in this article.

Save Site as Template - SharePoint

  1. On the SharePoint server open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Select the SharePoint Website
    Save Site as Template - SharePoint
  3. On the Actions pane click on Explore
  4. Open the web.config file with Notepad
    Save Site as Template - SharePoint
  5. Press CTRL + F and search for BlobCache
  6. Change the enabled=”false” parameter to enabled=”true”
    Save Site as Template - SharePoint
  7. Restart the Website and you the renditions will start being generated when you upload the images

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