Manage SharePoint site collections connected to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams uses SharePoint as the repository for all the files shared in the platform and this means that for each team and for each private channel you will end up with a new SharePoint site collection in your tenant.

If you are a SharePoint administrator this may drive you crazy, but with a recent update of the SharePoint admin center you will be able to easily identify site collections that belong to Microsoft Teams teams and channels.

Microsoft Teams site collections

To get access to this new feature you should do the following:

  1. Open the SharePoint admin center
  2. On the vertical menu expand the Sites option and then click in Active sites
  3. Scroll to the right until you see Customize columns
  4. Select Teams and Channel sites and move them to the desired location
    Microsoft Teams site collections
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click in the view selection and from the menu click on Save view as
    Microsoft Teams site collections
  7. Provide a name for the new site view
  8. Click on Save
    Microsoft Teams site collections

In the following image you can see the site collections that are connected to Microsoft Teams illustrated by the Teams logo, and for each one of them the number of site collection connected to private channels.

Microsoft Teams site collections

To see the sites from private channels, click in the link X site, this action will filter just on those sites as shown in the following image.

Microsoft Teams site collections

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