European SharePoint Conference 2023 Unveiled! Get Ready for a Groundbreaking Event!

Get ready for an immersive experience as the highly anticipated European SharePoint Conference lands in Amsterdam from 27th to 30th November, bringing together SharePoint enthusiasts from around the globe.

The European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) is an annual event focused on Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and related technologies.

European SharePoint Conference

ESPC features a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. The conference typically covers a wide range of topics related to SharePoint, including collaboration, content management, enterprise search, business intelligence, workflow automation, and application development.

During the conference, attendees can hear from industry experts, Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), and Microsoft representatives who provide insights, best practices, and practical guidance on leveraging SharePoint and associated technologies effectively. The sessions often showcase real-world case studies, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops to help attendees enhance their skills and maximize the value of SharePoint within their organizations.

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ESPC also provides a platform for exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their products and services, enabling attendees to explore the latest SharePoint-related tools, add-ons, and solutions.

The conference attracts a diverse audience from across Europe and beyond, including SharePoint and Microsoft 365 enthusiasts, IT professionals, developers, business users, consultants, and decision-makers. It offers a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the future of Microsoft’s collaboration and productivity platforms.

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