Efficient content management: Enabling Page and News scheduling in SharePoint Intranets

Efficient internal communication lies at the heart of every successful organization. In the corporate landscape, where information flows directly impacts productivity and collaboration, having the right tools to manage content becomes essential.

Got your Intranet running on SharePoint? Well, here’s a nugget of pure awesomeness: it’s got the power to schedule when your pages and news articles go live.

SharePoint page scheduling

In this blog post, I’m showing how to enable and how to use page and news scheduling in SharePoint.

How to enable SharePoint pages scheduling

Page scheduling needs to be activated for each site collection by the site owner before page authors can start reaping its benefits.

Here’s a crucial tip 💡

If your intranet portal includes subsites, remember that page scheduling exclusively functions in the root site.

  1. In your SharePoint site open the Site Pages Library
  2. Up at the top, in the command bar, click on Schedule
  3. Flip the switch for Enable scheduling

SharePoint page scheduling

From the instant you toggle on scheduling, content authors are good to go – no waiting around required.

How to schedule SharePoint pages

Content authors can access the scheduling option by following these steps:

  1. While in edit mode for the page, click on Page details
  2. Expand the Scheduling section
  3. Activate scheduling and specify the date and time for the content to go live
  4. Click the Schedule button

SharePoint page scheduling

When you’re in the Site Pages Library, you can easily spot pages that are scheduled for publishing by identifying the highlighted icon shown in the image below.

SharePoint page scheduling

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