How to install SharePoint Subscription Edition step by step on Hyper-V | Part 1 of 5

The new version of SharePoint sever is already available and despite the new features and the new product life cycle, the installation is not a straightforward task and there are a lot of requirements and dependencies involved in the process.

In this article you will find visual instructions to install it on a Hyper-V virtual machine, keep in mind that an installation like this should be used just for testing or development purposes.

Install SharePoint Subscription Edition


How to enable/disable the automatic SharePoint news digest

The new SharePoint news digest uses a built-in intelligent ranking so that the users see the most relevant content to them if they have missed something published in SharePoint.

The email is sent on a weekly basis and if your organization is already branded the email will pick the colors and the logo automatically from it. Despite the weekly cadence the users will not receive an email if there is nothing relevant/published to show in a particular week.

SharePoint automatic news digest


How to create and Install the Viva Connections application from macOS

Viva Connections desktop for Microsoft Teams became available recently, but the application package needs to be manually generated and uploaded by an Administrator to then be available to all the users.

In my previous articles I covered how Windows users can get the app generated and installed using PowerShell and today I am bringing a solution to do the same thing from macOS using the CLI for Microsoft 365.

Viva Connections macOS M365CLI


How to create the Viva Connections desktop application using PnP PowerShell

The Viva Connections desktop application for Microsoft Teams allows you to bring your intranet home site to Microsoft Teams creating this way a unified experience between the content in the web and the communication platform.

Despite being an app for Microsoft Teams you will not find it in the Teams store and it needs to be manually generated and installed; Microsoft has its own process as I already explained in this article but a simplified method is available using PnP PowerShell.

Viva Connections PnP PowerShell


How to setup the SharePoint global navigation

Having a global navigation shared between sites was one of the major challenges in SharePoint over the last years. It was not an impossible thing to do as I explain in this article, but was not an easy and intuitive process to do.

With the new SharePoint app bar available for modern sites the global navigation problem is gone and we all can take advantage of a streamlined navigation with a beautiful interface that can be configured in just a few clicks.

SharePoint global navigation


Meet the focus mode for modern SharePoint pages

Focus mode is a popular feature in classic SharePoint pages that is not available in modern pages, but this is about to change with the introduction of the modern focus mode.

In the next months you will get a new expand icon in your SharePoint pages that clean the field of vision and get more space for the content in the page.

SharePoint modern pages focus mode


How to create a SharePoint home site

A SharePoint home site is the principal site on your modern SharePoint intranet grouping together news, events, a global navigation, and global search.

A home site is created from a modern communication site and despite being exclusively modern you will not find any interface in SharePoint to create it, the process must be done using PowerShell as explained below.

SharePoint Home site


How to build a weather web part for SharePoint using a list view formatting

Modern SharePoint has a built-in weather web part but unfortunately it does not allow customizations displaying just the weather in black and white.

I was looking for a solution with a bit more color and similar with the weather tile from Windows, so I decided to build my own using a custom SharePoint list, a custom view formatting, Power Automate and the out of the box lists web part.

SharePoint weather web part


How to use Microsoft Viva Topics in SharePoint

Microsoft Viva Topics is like an encyclopedia with super powers that aims to give time back to employees by showing them the content that matters without the need of a custom search.

Topics is the only component from the new Microsoft EXP suite of products that is already available to be used and despite requiring an extra license it can be tested as a trail for 30 days.

Microsoft Viva Topics in SharePoint


How to disable SharePoint Spaces creation by default

SharePoint Spaces is available for some time in preview and soon will become available globally in the tenant to all users with permissions to create content.

The option will become available in the +New menu by default but can be disabled globally or per site collection by an admin using SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Disable SharePoint Spaces


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