Stop wasting time duplicating Power Automate flows for SharePoint using Trigr from Encodian

With SharePoint Online you can easily create automations for lists and libraries using Power Automate, however this simple process can easily become out of control as more lists and libraries get created across SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

For each new list or library where you want to get an automation applied, you need to copy or configure a new flow. This tedious and repetitive task is a waste of time and prone to human error.

Trigr for SharePoint from Encodian


Create anchor links for SharePoint page sections

HTML anchor links are hyperlinks that are used to link to a specific webpage or a specific place within a webpage, and in SharePoint they can be used to open pages directly in specific sections.

Don’t get scared by the HTML jargon, to get these specific links you don’t need to write or have any knowledge about HTML as this feature is built in in the Text web part.

SharePoint pages anchor links


How to modify the SharePoint Created By value using PnP PowerShell

Whenever you create a list item or a document in SharePoint, the platform automatically adds the information of the user to the Created By column.

Once the file or item is added to the platform, there is no way to change the value of this column through the UI, however it is possible to do it using PnP PowerShell and that’s what I’m explaining in this article.

Modify SharePoint created by column


How to upgrade a SPFx project to the latest version in 3 simple steps

Back in December 2020 I’ve build a SPFx application customizer to easily deploy Microsoft Clarity on modern SharePoint sites using SPFx 1.11 and recently was asked to get it update to SPFx 1.15.

This was the perfect opportunity to finally write an article to explain how SPFx projects can be easily updated using Microsoft 365 CLI, here is how you can do it is 3 simple steps.

SPFx project upgrade to the latest version


How to run different Node.js versions in the same machine to use with SPFx projects

As a developer when working on multiple SPFx projects it is common to use different version of the framework, depending on the SPFx version this may require the use of different Node.js versions.

In this article you will find instructions to easily manage and switch between Node.js versions using nvm (node version manage).

Node.js version manager with SPFx


How to disable Likes, Views and Save for later on modern SharePoint pages?

All modern SharePoint pages in Communications and Team Sites include a social bar at the bottom of the page. In this bar a user can like, view, and save the page for later and the component is located at the bottom of the page after all the content.

If you are looking to disable this feature for a particular site or even for the entire organization, let me tell you that there is no graphical user interface to do it, but thankfully it can be easily done using PnP PowerShell.

Disable social bar in modern SharePoint site pages


How to get an embed code for a Stream video hosted in SharePoint or OneDrive

With the new Microsoft Stream now as part of SharePoint and more integrated in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem is finally possible to easily get an embed code for a video.

The new embed option will work for all videos uploaded from SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

Embed Stream video code


How to hide SharePoint search box conditionally

SharePoint search box is in the suite bar at the top of every page and Microsoft allows site collection administrators to hide it using PowerShell. While this method is suitable for most scenarios it does not allow to hide the search box conditionally for certain pages or for all pages with the exception of Lists and Libraries.

In this blog post I’ll explain how to hide the search box using the official method provided by Microsoft and two workarounds to hide the search box conditionally so you can overcome the limitations of the out of the box settings.

Hide SharePoint Search box conditionally


Create beautiful SharePoint pages using the new section templates

Authors of SharePoint pages and news articles will be able to access to the new pre-built section templates when creating content, these sections were designed to simplify the use of image and text combinations.

Users will be able to choose and add templates at the section level instead of just at the page level, to get started there are six templates to make section design easier.

Create SharePoint pages using section templates


Remove the modern SharePoint app bar

The modern SharePoint app bar is a great new feature Microsoft introduced in modern SharePoint that finally brings a global navigation across all sites among other features like news, recent files or the creation of new documents or lists.

Despite the benefits of the new interface, you may find it confusing if your intranet is still running in a mix of classic and modern SharePoint sites as this feature is only available for modern.

Hide SharePoint App Bar


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