How to embed the new Microsoft Lists Forms into SharePoint

I’m excited to tell you that with the new form experience in Microsoft Lists, you no longer need to grant permissions to the list to collect data. This seamless integration means that you can embed a form directly into any SharePoint page, allowing users to submit information without navigating away from the page.

Embed Microsoft Lists Forms in SharePoint


Enhancing SharePoint Pages: A Guide to Using Video Backgrounds in Page Sections

As SharePoint evolves, it continues to offer new and exciting ways to create engaging digital environments. With the anticipation of a new feature that will allow users to set images as the background for page sections, I find it the perfect moment to revisit a technique I previously shared – using videos as backgrounds in SharePoint page header.

SharePoint page sections video backgrounds


Add Microsoft Teams chats to SharePoint

In today’s work environment, we’ve all witnessed the transformation of how we get things done. Work is all about collaboration, flexibility, and staying connected. Chances are you’ve heard that technology should be where you work, seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

Microsoft understands this need and has made great improvements in that direction. While most applications were brought into Microsoft Teams, there is another exciting perspective worth exploring: bringing Microsoft Teams to your SharePoint intranet.

Microsoft Teams chat in SharePoint sites


How to embed Microsoft Loop pages in SharePoint

Microsoft Loop is a game-changer in collaboration, communication, and information sharing within teams and across organizations. With its intuitive interface and robust capabilities, Loop has revolutionized the way we work together within Microsoft 365, enabling seamless content creation and management.

To bring collaboration to the next level and to take advantage of your intranet in this blog post I’m showing how you can embed Microsoft Loop pages in SharePoint pages.

Microsoft Loop in SharePoint pages


How to access Viva Amplify on day one: A quick guide

The world of Microsoft technology is always evolving, and one of the most exciting aspects of it is the release of new applications. The moment we hear about a groundbreaking app, FOMO takes over, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

However, sometimes, even after configuring everything correctly, you might not see the app listed in your tenant. This can be frustrating, but don’t worry, usually there is a solution to get a faster access.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to access Viva Amplify on day one, even if it doesn’t appear in your list of apps.

Access Viva Amplify since day one


Copy, Paste, Thrive: Accelerate your SharePoint page creation with copying techniques!

When it comes to crafting the perfect SharePoint page, we all want to hit the bullseye on the first try. But let’s face it, finding that sweet spot of layout, design, and content organization can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. And who has the time to start from scratch every single time?

That’s where the magic of copying comes in. Yep, you heard it right – copying. It’s a nifty little trick that can save you heaps of time and effort in your SharePoint page creation adventures. With just a few clicks, you can duplicate an existing page and put it through a series of tests, tweaking and refining until you’ve achieved page perfection without breaking a sweat.

Copy SharePoint pages


How to enable SharePoint Video news links

Videos have proven to be a powerful tool for engaging users within organizations. With their captivating nature and dynamic visual appeal, videos offer limitless possibilities to effectively communicate important information. Whether you wish to share timely updates, rebroadcast all-hands meetings, or provide reusable training materials, integrating videos into your SharePoint can elevate your communication strategy to new heights.

In this blog post, I’m showing the process of enabling video news links in SharePoint, unlocking the potential to seamlessly share information in your organization.

SharePoint news video link


Adding a dynamic touch: Using a live YouTube video as a SharePoint page background header

Captivating your Intranet visitors with visually captivating content is crucial for creating user engagement. You can surprise your users and keep them engaged with the use of YouTube live videos shown as page background headers, providing a dynamic and ever-changing visual element that surprises and delights your readers.

In this blog post, I-m showing the process of incorporating live YouTube videos into your SharePoint site, transforming the top of your pages into captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.

SharePoint page header and YouTube live videos


How to embed a Microsoft Teams Live Event in a SharePoint page

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected digital world, effective communication and collaboration are crucial for the success of any organization. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a powerful platform, empowering teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly. One of its most valuable features is the ability to host live events, enabling organizations to reach a wider audience, facilitate virtual meetings, and deliver engaging presentations.

However, what if you want to combine the power of Microsoft Teams Live Events with the flexibility and familiarity of SharePoint? Luckily, Microsoft has made it possible to embed Teams Live Events, giving users a unified experience and streamlining their workflow without the need for using the Microsoft Teams client.

Microsoft Teams live event embeded in SharePoint


How to easily embed Strava Club activities in a SharePoint page

Keeping up with fitness routines can be challenging, but fitness tracking apps like Strava that provide virtual competitions can help us stay motivated and engaged with physical activity. These tools provide an incentive by allowing us to set goals, track our progress, and compete against others.

Embedding Strava activities in a SharePoint intranet page is a great way to promote exercise and encourage healthy habits among employees. By integrating this fitness tracking platform with the company’s intranet, employees can easily share their fitness activities with each other, creating a sense of community and accountability that can help motivate them to stay active.

Embed Strava Club activities in a SharePoint page


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