Unleash your brand’s potential with the new SharePoint brand center

In today’s digital age, branding has become more important than ever before. With the rise of social media and online marketing, businesses must create a strong and recognizable brand to stand out from the competition. But branding isn’t just important for external marketing efforts – it’s also critical for internal communication and collaboration within an organization.

SharePoint brand center


How to use video as a background in SharePoint pages header

Using video backgrounds instead of images can be beneficial for several reasons. Video backgrounds can create a more immersive and interactive experience for the user, can provide a context to the content on the page or increase brand awareness by making a lasting impression on the viewer.

Overall, video backgrounds can be a powerful tool for enhancing user experience, however, with SharePoint pages you can not use videos as backgrounds in the title area… Unless you customize the page as I’m explaining in this article.

SharePoint pages video background


Building a SharePoint intranet with ChatGPT and Bing – Branding modern sites

SharePoint branding has a soft spot in my heart, changing the way SharePoint looks like was how I started my career creating custom themes for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. This is the reason why I’m starting this project by creating the intranet branding with the help of Chat GPT and Bing.

In the modern days of SharePoint branding means a completely different thing than it meant in the past, the available options are limited but this doesn’t mean we can’t apply a solid corporate brand to a SharePoint site with a bit of creativity.

Branding modern SharePoint sites


Customize the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 login page

In the modern era of remote work, internal brand awareness plays a key role in the understanding and recognition of a brand within an organization, among its employees, partners, and stakeholders.

With more and more employees working from home, it is important to brand the daily used applications to help them remember the values, mission, and goals of the company.

Customize SharePoint login page


How to change a Team Site navigation from vertical to horizontal

Modern SharePoint Team sites always had a vertical navigation, and this was one of the major disadvantages when compared with Communication sites.

With a new navigation feature now released you will able to easily change the navigation from vertical to horizontal, making Team sites look like Communication sites.

Change navigation orientation in modern Team Sites


Hide the navigation and the header in modern SharePoint pages

Displaying a modern SharePoint page without the navigation and the header have generated all sort of hacks over the years that try to replicate the famous ?isDlg=1 and the focus mode from classic SharePoint by manipulating the DOM and injecting custom css.

I’ve recently discovered the query string that can be used with modern SharePoint site URLs to strip the pages from all its elements living it just with the content.

Focus on SharePoint content


Customize modern SharePoint menu with icons

Creating a well-structured and meaningful menu using just a few words per item can be difficult. Wouldn’t be awesome to customize the menu items with icons?

I’ve wrote about this topic in the past and I even did a solution to customize classic SharePoint with Fabric UI icons.

Since SharePoint has evolved and the methods used in the past are no longer valid, today I bring you a quick tip that will allow you to customize your modern SharePoint menus in just a few clicks.


How to brand the SharePoint mobile app

If you usually read this blog you might have seen a post or two about SharePoint branding methods and good practices.

With the evolution of the product Microsoft limited the branding options and have defined a set of rules and elements that you can customize to make sure you can still have your corporate identity without breaking the product.

With this in mind everyone using SharePoint Online can now extend the customizations to the mobile SharePoint app available for Android and iOS.


How to change the page layout on a modern SharePoint page

Modern SharePoint pages can be configured with three different page layouts but unfortunately, until now there is not an option in the UI to change them.

This article describes four different approaches that you can use to change the page layout and explains what you will get with each one.


How to create a Tile view on modern SharePoint lists

Modern SharePoint lists just received the option to include a Tile view to display data on a modern and good-looking layout.

The Tile view is available on document libraries for a long time but the one released for lists is a bit different. While on libraries the layout is pre built by Microsoft on the lists you will have to build your own using the list view formatting feature.

If you are new to the list View Formatting, I strongly recommend you start by reading the official documentation here and here to get familiar with the JSON schema.


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