Unleash your brand’s potential with the new SharePoint brand center

In today’s digital age, branding has become more important than ever before. With the rise of social media and online marketing, businesses must create a strong and recognizable brand to stand out from the competition. But branding isn’t just important for external marketing efforts – it’s also critical for internal communication and collaboration within an organization.

SharePoint brand center

The new brand center in SharePoint empowers users to specify fonts, colors, logos, and other design elements that reflect the identity of their organization, products, subsidiaries, and more. By reusing these branding elements across sites, users can ensure consistency in their digital presence.

SharePoint brand center

Moreover, SharePoint provides guardrails to ensure that site owners align with branding guidelines, giving users confidence that their branding efforts are well-managed.

By leveraging SharePoint’s contemporary design and branding capabilities, organizations can create engaging and beautiful digital experiences that reflect the authenticity of their brand.

SharePoint brand center

In conclusion, the new aesthetic capabilities in SharePoint empower users to create digital experiences that align with the expectations of today’s employees. By leveraging the full spectrum of solid web design and brand authenticity, organizations can attract and retain top talent and achieve success in the digital age.

2 Responses to “Unleash your brand’s potential with the new SharePoint brand center”

  1. Colleen Parker

    December 14, 2023

    My head of Creative and Brand wants to know how to create the pages displayed in your rotating image gallery. Is that something that can be done today out of the box, or does it require some SharePoint Framework development?

    • João Ferreira

      January 26, 2024

      Hi Colleen,

      This can not be done today using SharePoint out of the box but it will be possible starting March 2024 when the new brand center gets released, at least that is what Microsoft promised when this feature was announced.

      Have a nice weekend 🙂


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