How to automate applying a SharePoint theme across site collections with PnP PowerShell

To enhance the user experience and brand identity of your SharePoint sites, you may want to apply a consistent theme across all your site collections.

However, manually applying a theme to each site collection can be a time-consuming and tedious task. The good news is that you can easily automate this process using PnP PowerShell. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to apply a SharePoint theme to all site collections without manual intervention.

Apply a SharePoint theme accross site collections


Enabling the Ratings feature in SharePoint Communication sites

The ratings feature in SharePoint allows users to rate and provide feedback on list items, enhancing collaboration and decision-making within teams. While this feature is available by default in SharePoint Team sites, it is not enabled by default in Communication sites. However, if you wish to utilize the ratings feature in a list of a Communication site, you can enable it using PowerShell.

In this article, I’m showing you how to enable the ratings feature in Communication sites using PnP PowerShell.

Enable rating in SharePoint list communication site


Create SharePoint news links using PnP PowerShell

As explained in the previous article there are a variety of scenarios that can be implemented using SharePoint news links, by simply reposting something that is already available in your intranet or publicly in the web.

In this article I’ showing how SharePoint news links can be created using PnP PowerShell and this way used in automation processes to post information to SharePoint that is available elsewhere.

Create SharePoint news links using PowerShell


How to create a redirect page using a SharePoint news link

A redirect web page is a technique used to automatically send a website user from one URL to another URL. In SharePoint this process can be achieved at site collection level with a site swap as explained in here, or temporarily using a SharePoint news link.

A SharePoint News link is a hyperlink that points to a news article or post on a SharePoint site or available globally in the web, however it can be also used as a redirect page.

Create a redirect page using a SharePoint news link


How to save and deploy SharePoint page templates

SharePoint page templates are pre-designed pages that can be used as a starting point for creating new content. They often include pre-defined layouts, text, web parts, and can save time and effort in the content creation process.

Page templates can be customized and modified to fit the specific needs of a site collection, however is not possible to share them across different sites. In this article I’m sharing a solution to save your page templates and deploy them in different site collections.

Save and deploy SharePoint pages as templates


How to create an organization assets library using SharePoint

Organization assets libraries are an effective way to distribute official company images and document templates across the organization that will help users to easily find content and be more productive.

With SharePoint it is possible to create up to 30 organization assets libraries to easily distribute this content, however this feature is not enabled by default and needs to be configured by one of the administrators using PowerShell as explained below.

SharePoint Organization Assets Library


How to modify the SharePoint Created By value using PnP PowerShell

Whenever you create a list item or a document in SharePoint, the platform automatically adds the information of the user to the Created By column.

Once the file or item is added to the platform, there is no way to change the value of this column through the UI, however it is possible to do it using PnP PowerShell and that’s what I’m explaining in this article.

Modify SharePoint created by column


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