HANDS ON SharePoint YouTube channel

After a few months planning it today I’ve finally got the first video ready to be released on the latest HANDS ON SharePoint project.

The YouTube channel will be a complement to the articles and projects posted in the blog and every now and then you might see me in a vlog style talking about the latest SharePoint news/features.

You are invited to watch the first video where the Page Comment Notifications for modern SharePoint is explained in detail, and to subscribe to be aware of future updates

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2 Responses to “HANDS ON SharePoint YouTube channel”

  1. Hector Castanon

    July 19, 2019


    I love your sight! I’ve used SharePoint for years but I’ve never dived into page development but I would like to create a YouTube-like video channel in Sharepoint for the company I work for. Can you point me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, Thank You!


    Hector Castanon

    • João Ferreira

      August 9, 2019

      Hi Hector,

      Thanks for contacting me, I’m not sure if I understood your question but I’m sending you instructions on how to start an youtube channel

      Keep in mind that the video should always be objective and demonstrate a solution.
      Using a story telling format might be better to get the engagement of your viewers.

      Let me know once you have it public available.


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