How to disable SharePoint Spaces creation by default

SharePoint Spaces is available for some time in preview and soon will become available globally in the tenant to all users with permissions to create content.

The option will become available in the +New menu by default but can be disabled globally or per site collection by an admin using SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Disable SharePoint Spaces


How to use SharePoint Spaces in school to create interactive classes

SharePoint Spaces is a mixed reality vision that brings 2D and 3D e experiences to your intranet creating new ways to interact with data or as explained in this article interactives classes for schools.

Based on the questions that I received about SharePoint Spaces I can tell that people is a bit skeptical about investing time in this new feature, either because of the 3D experience or because it’s still in preview.

There is nothing to worry about SharePoint Spaces, even though it is 3D it doesn’t mean that is mandatory to use VR glasses to interact with it and about the final version it will happen before the end of 2020 as announced in the last Microsoft Ignite.

SharePoint Spaces for education


How to create an index for SharePoint Spaces using the content query web part

SharePoint Spaces are great and allow you to display data like never before however they are just regular pages and there is no place where you can get a central view of all the spaces you have created.

As part of the Library series of articles I’ve been doing (you can read more about it here and here) in this one I’ll show you how to build an index to display SharePoint Spaces using the content query web part.

The content query web part is an open source project included in the PnP initiative and it just got updated to make use of the latest version of the SharePoint Framework.

sharepoint spaces index


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