How to Retrieve the Current User Name in SPFx Without Extra Permissions

In SPFx development, there are scenarios where you might need to obtain the current user’s name. While Microsoft Graph is a robust option for SharePoint API data, it can sometimes be an overly complex solution for simple tasks due to the permissions required. For our purposes, we’ll use PnP JS, which offers a more streamlined approach without the need for additional permissions.

Get SPFx user name


How to Apply Custom Fonts to SharePoint SPFx Solutions

Microsoft’s recent introduction of custom fonts to SharePoint has been a welcome enhancement, allowing for a more personalized and branded experience across sites. While out-of-the-box web parts automatically inherit these new fonts, custom web parts and extensions require an update to leverage this feature.

Apply Custom Fonts to SharePoint SPFx Solutions


SharePoint Embedded: A New Way to Build Custom Content Apps with Microsoft 365

SharePoint is the base foundation for most of the new apps being released for Microsoft 365, such as Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Designer. But did you know that SharePoint can also be the foundation for your own custom applications? With SharePoint Embedded, you can use SharePoint as a headless CMS, giving you the power and flexibility of Microsoft security and storage features while at the same time you have a lot more control to build amazing new applications.

SharePoint Embedded


How to detect if a SPFx Application Customizer is running inside Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Application customizers allow you to customize SharePoint further, giving you access to safe containers where you can add extra components to improve the out of the box experience. This type of customization is perfect for solutions that you want to make available in all modern pages within a site collection or even in the entire tenant.

All this is great but there is a twist when it comes to using SPFx Application customizers in the context of SharePoint pages rendered inside Microsoft Teams, if you want to change the behavior on this scenario or simply not load the extension at all, there are no straightforward way to detect the Teams context as we have with web parts.

Detect SPFx application customizer running inside Microsoft Teams


How to use a script editor in modern SharePoint sites

The SharePoint Script Editor is a web part that allows users to add and edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code on SharePoint pages. Using the Script Editor web part, users can add custom code to SharePoint pages to extend the functionality of the page or to add custom branding elements.

The Script Editor web part is available out of the box in classic but not in modern. In this article I’m explaining how you can get the script editor in your modern SharePoint sites.

How to use a script editor in modern SharePoint sites


How to connect SPFx to Viva Engage

Microsoft has a lot of application under Microsoft 365 but unfortunately not all of them have API endpoints available in Microsoft Graph.

Yammer now rebranded as Viva Engage is one of those applications and in this article I’ll explain you how to connect old API from a SPFx solution that you can use to build web parts, extensions, Teams apps or ACE cards for Viva Connections.

Connect SPFx to Viva Engage


Where is the Tenant Wide Extensions list located?

The SharePoint tenant wide extensions list is a centralized list used by SharePoint Framework (SPFx) extensions that can be deployed to all site collections in a SharePoint tenant. It allows administrators to manage and deploy extensions across their entire organization or in single site collections where the app catalog is enabled.

The SharePoint tenant wide extensions list provides a single place for administrators to view and manage all the extensions that have been deployed to their tenant, making it easier to ensure consistency and control what is installed and applied in their SharePoint environment.

SharePoint tenant wide extensions list


How to run different Node.js versions in the same machine to use with SPFx projects

As a developer when working on multiple SPFx projects it is common to use different version of the framework, depending on the SPFx version this may require the use of different Node.js versions.

In this article you will find instructions to easily manage and switch between Node.js versions using nvm (node version manage).

Node.js version manager with SPFx


How to hide SharePoint search box conditionally

SharePoint search box is in the suite bar at the top of every page and Microsoft allows site collection administrators to hide it using PowerShell. While this method is suitable for most scenarios it does not allow to hide the search box conditionally for certain pages or for all pages with the exception of Lists and Libraries.

In this blog post I’ll explain how to hide the search box using the official method provided by Microsoft and two workarounds to hide the search box conditionally so you can overcome the limitations of the out of the box settings.

Hide SharePoint Search box conditionally


How to host static HTML sites on modern SharePoint site collections

SharePoint can be used as a web server to host sites in your organization that are not connected to SharePoint directly, however with the modern experience this is blocked by default.

In this article I’ll explain you how to bring back this awesome functionality to modern Communication and Team sites.

Host static sites modern SharePoint


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