Add a Share to Microsoft Teams button to your SharePoint sites

If you already have Microsoft Teams on your organization, I’m sure you spent most of your day collaborating with your coworkers on it.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are tight together in the business environment and with the extension provided in this article you will be able to easily share any page or library directly to any Teams channel.

This project was built an SPFx Application Customizer extension and adds a small button to the left side of your pages, once clicked it opens a popup that allows you to select the Team and the Channel where the page will be shared.


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Get video thumbnails from SharePoint using Microsoft Graph

SharePoint Online has a service to generate and return links to media thumbnails stored in the libraries, It works great for a lot of formats but mp4 videos are no longer supported.

This article describes an alternative process to retrieve the thumbnails for the videos you have stored in the libraries using Microsoft Graph.


How to add Google tag manager globally to SharePoint Online

A solution to add google tag manager has being requested a few times to me since I released the solutions to add Google Analytics to SharePoint.

In this article you will find a pre-built solution to add Google tag manager to modern SharePoint Online using an Application Customizer.


Get site collection URL after creating a Group using Microsoft Graph

When creating groups or teams using Microsoft Graph and PowerShell the SharePoint site collection URL can be randomly generated if a site collection with the name of the group already exists.

If you need to get the URL of the site collection right after the creation of the group, you can use Microsoft Graph to retrieve it.

This can be extremely helpfully for scenarios where you have the need to deploy artifacts to the site automatically, like applying a PnP Template.

Right after the group creation use do the request bellow using the group ID.


Deploy Application Insights globally on modern SharePoint

On my last article I’ve provided a solution to deploy Application Insights to classic SharePoint without modifying the master page and on todays article I’m providing the same solution but for modern SharePoint using an Application Customizer and Tenant Wide Deployment.


How to add Application Insights to SharePoint without modifying the master page

Google analytics articles are among the most popular articles in this blog and inclusive they got featured on SharePoint Dev Weekly episodes.

On episode #27 Vesa and Waldek discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having internal and potentially confidential data sent from SharePoint to Google servers.

Google Analytics is not the only monitoring tool you can add to SharePoint, Microsoft has Application Insights that provides a similar functionality with the advantage of keeping your data in the same ecosystem.


Deploy Google Analytics globally on modern SharePoint

Google Analytics articles are very popular in this blog and there are a few already available here, here and here but there is still room for one more, as the SharePoint Framework evolves so does this solution.

Today’s article introduces an easy way to deploy Google Analytics globally to all modern sites in your tenant taking advantage of the Tenant Wide Deployment.


Convert Classic root sites to Modern SharePoint

Recently I’ve got a few requests to transform classic root team sites with publishing enabled into modern SharePoint sites.

The technic described in this article allows you to keep all your existent content, and at the same time allows you to take advantage of the out of the box responsive layouts and modern web parts.

Info: If you want to convert the root site of your tenant to modern have a look at this new article that explains how to use the site swap feature recently released by Microsoft.


Adapt SPFx components to SharePoint Mobile APP and Microsoft Teams environments

Modern SharePoint sites rendered on SharePoint Mobile App or Microsoft Teams are different than when displayed in the browser.

Native components are removed from the page or replaced by native APP options. If you are building extensions or web parts for the modern SharePoint you may want to test them in both environments to make sure they are not overlapping with native apps features.

While the framework does not provide context variables to let developers know where the component is running, it needs to be validated through the user agent.


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