Revolutionizing content creation: The game-changing capabilities of Copilot in SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful platform for creating and sharing content within an organization. However, for content authors, the process of setting up a SharePoint site and creating engaging pages can be time-consuming and complicated. The good news is that the future of SharePoint is bringing powerful, intuitive, and expressive experiences with fewer manual steps and the help of AI.

Copilot in SharePoint is one of the new capabilities that will enable content authors to spend less time setting up SharePoint sites and give them confidence that their site is using the best that SharePoint has to offer.

Copilot in SharePoint


Revolutionize your video sharing experience with SharePoint video collections pages

Sharing videos is becoming increasingly important in many organizations, particularly schools, universities, and other institutions that rely on video content for teaching, training, and communication purposes. However, managing and organizing these videos can be challenging, especially when they are scattered across different channels and sites. That’s where SharePoint Video Collections Pages come in to make things easier and more organized.

SharePoint video collections pages


How to create a redirect page using a SharePoint news link

A redirect web page is a technique used to automatically send a website user from one URL to another URL. In SharePoint this process can be achieved at site collection level with a site swap as explained in here, or temporarily using a SharePoint news link.

A SharePoint News link is a hyperlink that points to a news article or post on a SharePoint site or available globally in the web, however it can be also used as a redirect page.

Create a redirect page using a SharePoint news link


How to create an organization assets library using SharePoint

Organization assets libraries are an effective way to distribute official company images and document templates across the organization that will help users to easily find content and be more productive.

With SharePoint it is possible to create up to 30 organization assets libraries to easily distribute this content, however this feature is not enabled by default and needs to be configured by one of the administrators using PowerShell as explained below.

SharePoint Organization Assets Library


Stop wasting time duplicating Power Automate flows for SharePoint using Trigr from Encodian

With SharePoint Online you can easily create automations for lists and libraries using Power Automate, however this simple process can easily become out of control as more lists and libraries get created across SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

For each new list or library where you want to get an automation applied, you need to copy or configure a new flow. This tedious and repetitive task is a waste of time and prone to human error.

Trigr for SharePoint from Encodian


Create anchor links for SharePoint page sections

HTML anchor links are hyperlinks that are used to link to a specific webpage or a specific place within a webpage, and in SharePoint they can be used to open pages directly in specific sections.

Don’t get scared by the HTML jargon, to get these specific links you don’t need to write or have any knowledge about HTML as this feature is built in in the Text web part.

SharePoint pages anchor links


How to modify the SharePoint Created By value using PnP PowerShell

Whenever you create a list item or a document in SharePoint, the platform automatically adds the information of the user to the Created By column.

Once the file or item is added to the platform, there is no way to change the value of this column through the UI, however it is possible to do it using PnP PowerShell and that’s what I’m explaining in this article.

Modify SharePoint created by column


How to upgrade a SPFx project to the latest version in 3 simple steps

Back in December 2020 I’ve build a SPFx application customizer to easily deploy Microsoft Clarity on modern SharePoint sites using SPFx 1.11 and recently was asked to get it update to SPFx 1.15.

This was the perfect opportunity to finally write an article to explain how SPFx projects can be easily updated using Microsoft 365 CLI, here is how you can do it is 3 simple steps.

SPFx project upgrade to the latest version


How to run different Node.js versions in the same machine to use with SPFx projects

As a developer when working on multiple SPFx projects it is common to use different version of the framework, depending on the SPFx version this may require the use of different Node.js versions.

In this article you will find instructions to easily manage and switch between Node.js versions using nvm (node version manage).

Node.js version manager with SPFx


How to disable Likes, Views and Save for later on modern SharePoint pages?

All modern SharePoint pages in Communications and Team Sites include a social bar at the bottom of the page. In this bar a user can like, view, and save the page for later and the component is located at the bottom of the page after all the content.

If you are looking to disable this feature for a particular site or even for the entire organization, let me tell you that there is no graphical user interface to do it, but thankfully it can be easily done using PnP PowerShell.

Disable social bar in modern SharePoint site pages


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