How to import Excel spreadsheets to SharePoint as lists

Excel and SharePoint lists were always connected and have a lot in common however the available methods to transform a spreadsheet into a list were outdated and not compliant with the latest web standards.

During the last Microsoft Build the world was introduced to the new Microsoft Lists, a new application in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem that will leverage the power of SharePoint list. While we don’t have the chance to play with Microsoft Lists a new feature to import Excel spreadsheets has landed on SharePoint.


Create SharePoint Spaces templates using PnP PowerShell

After a few days exploring SharePoint Spaces I felt the necessity to get a pre-built template instead of starting from scratch every time.

Since SharePoint Spaces are created in the Site Pages library and each component is a web part I’ve tried to create my own template using PnP PowerShell and it worked perfectly.

I’ve built a space to display my magazines, and I want to replicate it to display books and other files I have in my library.


How to enable SharePoint Spaces in all modern sites

SharePoint Spaces Preview have just arrived, however they are disabled by default and you must enable the feature in any site where you want to build VR environments.  

This can be a tedious process if you want to enable it to all your modern sites, but thanks to PnP PowerShell this process can be easily automated.

sharepoint spaces


How to build an interactive library using SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint Spaces have been introduced almost two years ago and finally we can start playing with the preview version. If you are not yet familiar with the Spaces concepts you can read more about it here and here.

To test how SharePoint Spaces work I’ve built an interactive library inside my library site collection, the idea is to display the CompartiMOSS magazines with a modern and futuristic interface. Let’s see how it was made and how you can also use Spaces to build something similar.

SharePoint spaces are disabled by default, to enable this feature follow the steps described here.

SharePoint Spaces


How to use jQuery with SPFx projects

jQuery is a JavaScript library that helped to shape the internet we all know today, even though it’s first release was 13 years ago and despite the fact we now have access to other powerful libraries like React and Angular, jQuery is still used by 80% of the top 1M sites in the web.

With SharePoint framework you can use pretty much any JavaScript library to build your application however you will need to know how to make them available in the solution.

In this article I’ll explain you how to add jQuery to your SPFx solutions using 2 different methods.

SPFx jQuery


SharePoint Spaces is finally arriving

After almost two years since the original announcement we will be finally able to put our hands on SharePoint Spaces.

According to the announcement published on the Microsoft 365 message center, SharePoint Spaces preview starts the rollout to Target Release customers in April 2020. You can follow this item in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 62752.


2019 Review – The roller coaster

Another year is ending and for me it is time to sit down, look back to the last 365 days and write about everything I have produced and shared with the community.

2019 was a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs, turns and twists but in the end it was the best year of my professional career.

Without further ado, let’s go down memory lane and let me share everything that happened in the last year of the decade.

Joao Ferreira


How to change the page layout on a modern SharePoint page

Modern SharePoint pages can be configured with three different page layouts but unfortunately, until now there is not an option in the UI to change them.

This article describes four different approaches that you can use to change the page layout and explains what you will get with each one.


Create a Fabric UI card layout on modern SharePoint pages

I’ve spent most of my professional life building custom intranets using classic publishing sites with custom page layouts and one of the features that was often requested was the card effect around the web parts.

While this was very simple to implement with custom page layouts on classic SharePoint, on modern SharePoint things are a bit different and require a different approach that I’ll explain in this article.

The instructions on this article will provide you a card layout like what is available on the modern Admin Portal.


How to enable image renditions on SharePoint 2019

When you install SharePoint onprimises the image renditions are not generated automatically, and the renditions pages displays the error message below.

The blob cache is not enabled in this web application. Image renditions will not be generated until the blob cache is enabled. For information on turning on the blob cache, please review the product documentation.

To fix this issue and get the image renditions automatically generated follow the instructions provided in this article.

Save Site as Template - SharePoint


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