Change the root site collection of your tenant to modern SharePoint

Back in February this year I posted an article explaining how you can transform and modify a classic root site collection on SharePoint Online to look like a modern communication site.

This is by far the most viewed article on my blog this year with more that 10k visits, meaning that there are a lot of SharePoint admins trying hard to get a consistent modern experience on their intranets.

With the latest version of the SharePoint Online Management Shell a new command was introduced to swap SharePoint sites and it can be used to define a modern site collection as the root site of your tenat.


Add a Share to Microsoft Teams button to your SharePoint sites

If you already have Microsoft Teams on your organization, I’m sure you spent most of your day collaborating with your coworkers on it.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are tight together in the business environment and with the extension provided in this article you will be able to easily share any page or library directly to any Teams channel.

This project was built an SPFx Application Customizer extension and adds a small button to the left side of your pages, once clicked it opens a popup that allows you to select the Team and the Channel where the page will be shared.


How to migrate content with PnP Provisioning Engine

The philosophy behind the PnP Provisioning Engine is changing, and it will start saving the content of the SharePoint sites if you explicitly request it.

Until now the provisioning engine was just getting the site structure, and the home page. To include content on it, you had to find workarounds to do it.

A year ago, I wrote an article with a workaround to include all the pages from a site in a template, it basically extracted the template multiple times (one for each page) and then combined everything in a single file.

Save Site as Template - SharePoint


How to enable image renditions on SharePoint 2019

When you install SharePoint onprimises the image renditions are not generated automatically, and the renditions pages displays the error message below.

The blob cache is not enabled in this web application. Image renditions will not be generated until the blob cache is enabled. For information on turning on the blob cache, please review the product documentation.

To fix this issue and get the image renditions automatically generated follow the instructions provided in this article.

Save Site as Template - SharePoint


How to host a static HTML site on SharePoint

If you have a static HTML site that needs to be shared internally inside your organization, you don’t need to get a dedicated hosting service to do it

SharePoint can be used to host the static HTML sites if you follow the 5 simple steps described in this article.


Join me at the Microsoft Insider Dev Tour in Lisbon on June 29, 2019

The insider Dev Tour is a Microsoft event that bring to multiple cities around the world the latest technologies to build experiences to Microsoft 365.

Whether you’re interested in Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, Teams, Graph, Identity or IoT, the Insider Dev Tour has you covered. Discover the latest client and web-developer technologies including Progressive Web Apps, C# and .NET Core, JavaScript, and a lot more.


How to create an App Catalog on SharePoint 2019

I wrote a series of posts that explain how to install SharePoint 2019 step by step on a Hyper-V virtual machine for testing and development.

The series ends up with the creation of the first site collection but if you will use the VM to develop you will also need an App Catalog.

On this article you will find the instructions to create it step by step.


Get video thumbnails from SharePoint using Microsoft Graph

SharePoint Online has a service to generate and return links to media thumbnails stored in the libraries, It works great for a lot of formats but mp4 videos are no longer supported.

This article describes an alternative process to retrieve the thumbnails for the videos you have stored in the libraries using Microsoft Graph.


SharePoint 2019 Setup – The tool was unable to install the Web Server (ISS) Role

Getting an error when installing SharePoint On-Prem prerequisites is a common issue but it doesn’t mean that you will need to start the installation again from scratch.

Typically it happens when the server is not connected to the internet and the tool is not able to download everything that is required to accomplish the installation, so the first thing to do is to ensure that the server is connected to the web.


What’s new for SharePoint from SPC 2019

For the second year in a row the SharePoint community was together in Las Vegas for the first major conference of the year.

Is typically during May that Microsoft announces the first batch of new features for SharePoint and this article has a resume of everything that will rollout during the next months.

Her you will find the major announcements that caught my eye, the road map for the next months, the keynote video and also the links to all the blog posts published by Microsoft.


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